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destroy this “more than friends” bullshit

destroy this disgusting fucking idea that being in a romantic relationship is more important/closer than being in a platonic relationship

destroy the idea that friendships are less than romances

destroy the idea that you need to be romantically involved with someone if you want to be really close to them

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lifes too short to pretend to hate pop music

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dylan o’brien forgets how to words at wondercon [x]

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i can’t wait to walk into school tomorrow and show people how much hotter i got over summer

but its winter

please don’t make me explain how seasons work in other countries

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If you can’t handle me randomly blurting out song lyrics that relate to what you just said, we can’t be friends

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"Logan in real life is a very confident young man and I thought he’d be good to play Patrick because he’s also very funny. I said, “Hey, why don’t you audition for Patrick?” And he said, “No, I want to audition for Charlie.” I was surprised by that, but I said, "OK. I believe in following an actor’s passion, so if that’s what you want, I’ll be supportive. Let’s do it." And he came in and he nailed it in five seconds because he had the balance of every characteristic that Charlie had, and everything that I wanted the character to be for the movie." — Stephen Chbosky

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fangirl challenge: pairing [4/15] » Clint Barton/Natasha Romanoff

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it literally KILLS me that harry just needs to walk, talk, or stand next to a female of any age and he’s dating her but the idea of harry dating someone he moved in with at age 16, has intense heart eyes over, mirrors, has complimentary tattoos with, “early bird gets the worm, trying to walk, i’d marry you harry”, jealousy, blow job innuendos (the list literally goes on and on), is like gibberish to them.

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make me choose - anonymous asked: tyler hoechlin or derek hale

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